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Royal Hawaiian Carriages operates in the Kapalua Resort, from the Kapalua Bay Club Restaurant to T.D. Fleming State Park, from the ocean to the top of Pineapple Hill, and through the historic Cook Pine Drive.

We are based in the Ironwood Ranch, a beautiful riding stable up in the hills above Kapalua. We have a wide variety of fine riding and carriage horses, and offer Maui's only horse-drawn carriage excursions.

As well as our carriage rides, carriage weddings, and on location wedding rental, we also offer a complete range of horseback riding adventures - see our Ironwood Ranch site for more information on horseback rides.

Our staff are all avid horse lovers, and dedicated to your pleasure and enjoyment - we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction with all our services.

If you have any special needs or requests, please let us know! We are happy to be of service!


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